Coffee roasting

The Inpunto roasting company was founded as a small artisanal laboratory in the center of Trieste back in 1951 under the name Torrefazione Haiti, known and appreciated for years by all connoisseurs of this beverage, where its founder developed his first coffee blends.

Artisan passion, constant care for the coffee product, and professionalism have always been, and always will be, the strengths of the company run for over 40 years by master roaster Mr. Prete.

Building on the know-how from fifty years of history and success, and determined to perfect the delicate process of selecting and roasting raw coffee, the new roasting company is moving to Trieste’s industrial area.

From 1951 to the present day, many things have changed: young and willing partners, new and modernly organized headquarters, and more advanced and extensive quality control at all stages of processing.

Once perfected, proven blends are repurposed using the most advanced processes, and the resulting product is the result of the skillful fusion of experience and technology. Countless checks are carried out regularly on the raw material, which is mostly sourced from plantations in Central and South America, and roasting, carried out using the traditional method, is done according to the teachings handed down by the old roaster.

The enthusiasm, the passion for good coffee are the same ones that more than half a century ago led Mr. Prete to select the best qualities of raw coffee and to experiment with the most suitable blends and roasts to guarantee consumers a great quality coffee with the unmistakable taste typical of INPUNTO coffee.

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